We know that seeing the light of day when you have a migraine sounds virtually impossible, but there’s hope. We’ve specially formulated this treatment to get you back on your feet and help you regain some lost productivity. Know that there is hope for your migraines! Relief can even be brought straight to your door thanks to our Mobile IV Therapy Experience.

What is in Migraine?
• IV fluids:
Help you stay hydrated and begin easing your migraine symptoms.
• Vitamin B complex: Vitamins like riboflavin (Vitamin B2) are known to help reduce the frequency and length of migraines.
• Vitamin C: This antioxidant reduces the inflammation in your brain, relieving painful pressure.
• Magnesium: This nutrient is particularly helpful for those suffering from an aura, sound or light-triggered migraine.
• Anti-nausea and vomiting medicine: If your headache is making you nauseous, this medication can help.
Anti-inflammatory, headache and pain medicine: designed to help relieve that pounding migraine you have!

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Give your body the ideal balance of vitamins and nutrients it needs for normal function, so you can feel your best.

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We take the stress out of squeezing wellness into your routine. Our physician directed nurses meet you right where you are.

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All of our services are directed by our in-house physician. Dr. Joshua Baker can be reached at 469.769.7101.

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