Nausea and/or vomiting have you feeling miserable, immobilized in bed, or relegated to the bathroom? At a time when trying to drink fluid or eat anything sounds virtually impossible, there’s hope. Our emergency department quality treatment for morning sickness & nausea is specifically formulated to take care of you while maintaining the utmost safety of both you and your baby. + We make house calls with our Mobile IV Therapy Experience, so feeling well while expecting has never been easier.

What is in Expecting?
• IV Fluid
– drinking something probably sounds like just about the worst thing in your current state of nausea. This blend of IV fluid and electrolytes to quickly restore precious fluids when you’re vomiting. These are the fluids that provides oxygen and nutrients throughout your body and to your baby. These fluids are formulated go directly into and stay in the bloodstream giving you the instant benefits you need.
• Vitamin B complex – pyridoxine (B6) is the important vitamin when it comes to nausea and vomiting. As first line therapy during pregnancy, it’s been shown to greatly improve nausea with no sign of harm to the baby. Additionally, pyridoxine is part of the popular prescription morning sickness medication Diclegis®.
• +/- Anti-nausea & vomiting medicines – these medications are mainstay hospital treatments for nausea and vomiting for both pregnant and non-pregnant patient alike. They have been shown to significantly improve both nausea and vomiting more effectively then other treatments. Your baby’s safety is our primary goal so while available data for one medication in early pregnancy doesn’t demonstrate a high-risk for congenital malformation, we will require either demonstration of a prescription, your OB’s approval, or consultation with our in-house physician to provide you this during your first trimester.

Benefits of Expecting:
The number one benefit of our Expecting IV Therapy Treatment is that it helps ensure pregnant women and their babies have the fluids and nutrients necessary for optimal health. Keeping hydrated during pregnancy is essential in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Pregnancy also brings extra importance to maintaining proper nutrient levels.
• Iron: Iron helps transport oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body and your baby’s.
• Calcium: A growing baby needs calcium to build strong, healthy bones.
Folic acid: Optimal folic acid intake is essential during pregnancy, as it can help prevent major defects in the baby’s spine and brain. A member of our team of Registered Nurses at The Retreat will assess your vital signs, medical history and conditions, and consult with your OB/GYN or primary care physician as needed.

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